About Tim Hayes

Equine Therapy


Tim is an Adjunct Professor of Behavioral Sciences teaching courses in Equine Therapy at both The University of Vermont and Northern Vermont University. He holds a BA in Psychology from The University of Vermont class of 1967.

Tim teaches Equine Therapy Clinics, it’s principles, methods and techniques, based on his Best Selling Book RIDING HOME: The Power of Horses to Heal.

Tim offers 1-Day Equine Therapy Clinics. Excellent for all:

Equine Therapy Providers, EAL, EAP, EFP, EAT, Instructors, Support and Administrative Staff, Social Service Workers, Parents and Mental Health Professionals Working with PTSD, Violent, Sexual, Divorce and Childhood Traumas, Addiction, Autism, At Risk Youth, War Veterans and anyone interested in Horses, Humans & Healing

Tim also offers Equine Therapy Demonstrations, Book Talks, Signings and is available for Non-profit Organization Benefit Fundraiser Clinics and Events.

To learn more about Nonprofit Organization Fundraiser Book Events and Clinics contact Tim at: tim@hayesisforhorses.com or 917-816-4662.

Natural Horsemanship

Tim Hayes is also an internationally recognized Natural Horsemanship Clinician working throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Mexico. He offers 1 and 2-Day Clinics and at any location for both English and Western riders of all levels and all disciplines.

To learn more about Natural Horsemanship and Clinics with Tim Hayes visit: HayesisforHorses.com.

Tim is also a Natural Horsemanship Instructor at The University of Vermont and The University of Connecticut Departments of Animal Science. He is a Contributing Expert Consultant & Columnist for: Equus and Equine Journal Magazines and a Contributing Columnist for The Huffington Post.

Stephanie Lockhart Hayes

Stephanie Lockhart Hayes

Tim lives with his wife Stephanie Lockhart Hayes and their horses in Vermont. Stephanie is the Founder of The Center For America’s First Horse:  CenterforAmericasFirstHorse.org which offers many unique horse programs including Natural Horsemanship for ChildrenWatch video.

Read Tim’s Blog: HayesisforHorses.com/tims-blog/