Chapter 5
A Trail Less Traveled—My Journey with Horses

Long before I discovered the power of horses to heal our emotional wounds, I worked as a cowboy. This is where I first fell in love with horses. 

Horses changed me from the inside out; they changed my relationships with people. They made me a better person, a better parent, a better husband, and a better friend. They taught me that when I wasn’t getting what I wanted, I was the one who needed to change, either what I was doing or who I was being. Horses allowed me to touch, feel, and reconnect with what was natural and real in me, in others, and in the world. Horses became my greatest teachers, for, as I was to learn, a horse is never wrong.

I have learned more from horses than from any book, class, or person on how to be a better human being. Horses are love in its finest form, and because of horses all my human relationships became better than they had ever been. If this could happen for me, it could happen for anyone.